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Watching hair transplation process at a glance

Watching Hair Transplantation
Process at a Glance
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Hospital Visit Consultation
Preoperative care
Process on the day of surgery
Postoperative Care
PRP stands for Platelet-rich Plasma, which means plasma containing abundant platelets in the patient's blood. After separating the plasma components rich in platelets, it is injected into the hair transplant site to further increase the engraftment rate.
Smartlux delivers powerful renewable energy to the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin, increasing the engraftment rate of the transplanted hair, and increasing the success rate of hair transplantation by suppressing pain and inflammation in the area where the hair was extracted.
Mesotherapy is a treatment also called'hair follicle injection therapy'. Various ingredients are injected near the hair root to prevent the progression of hair loss, make the hair grow thicker, and reduce the accumulated sebum and dead skin cells that promoted the hair loss process.
The body uses mechanisms to heal naturally. It is a new treatment for hair follicle cell regeneration, scalp capillary generation, and scalp tissue regeneration. It improves blood circulation in the scalp to help new hair grow and increase engraftment rate.

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