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Hair loss treatment by type (female)

Innovative DODREAM Hair Transplant System
Hair loss by type (Female)
"Women usually lose their hair regularly throughout the head.
Women's hair loss is more dependent on environmental factors such as
stress or the hormonal balance in the body is disrupted by various factors,
rather than inherited by genetic factors ."
Female pattern hair loss
In the case of female hair loss surgery, unlike male hair loss, a lot of hair remains in the hair loss area, so when transplanting, the delicacy of minimizing the damage to the remaining hair and aligning the direction of the surrounding hair to enable parting in any direction gives satisfactory results. It becomes an important factor.
Causes of female pattern hair loss
There are various causes of hair loss.
It is diagnosed and treated according to many cases.
Stress and diet
For women in their 20s, it is said that most of them experience hair loss due to stress and diet. If nutrients are not supplied properly, symptoms of malnutrition will appear in every corner of the body, leading to hair loss.
pregnancy and childbirth
During pregnancy, the secretion of estrogen is promoted, resulting in less hair loss, but when hormone secretion returns to normal after childbirth, the amount of estrogen secretion is relatively reduced
Strong ultraviolet rays can cause scalp troubles, worsening symptoms of dryness and hair loss, and frequent perm and dyeing can irritate the hair roots and lead to hair loss.
Hormonal changes
In menopause, a deficiency of androgens released by the adrenal glands can lead to hair loss. In addition, long-term use of contraceptives with high male hormone levels leads to a hair loss phenomenon due to hormonal imbalance.

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