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Hair Transplant Resurgery

Hair Transplant Resurgery
“Hair transplant re-surgery cannot be performed unconditionally just because the patient wants it, so more precise and accurate diagnosis and safer surgery must be performed than in the first operation .
For re-operation, it is very important to select a hospital with a specialty specializing in hair transplantation ."
In the case of hair transplantation resurgery
Our hospital, which specialized only in hair transplantation,
is differentiated from general clinics without expertise.
Reasons forhair transplant reoperation
A hair transplant that is in the limelight as the most effective method for hair loss treatment!
However, there are an increasing number of cases in which 3 out of 10 patients who have recently undergone a hair transplant undergo reoperation after undergoing the primary surgery.
he main reason for wanting reoperation is dissatisfaction with the results of the surgery .
When the hair at the transplanted site does not grow properly and does not have an effect!
If the hairline of the transplanted area is unnatural!
Systematic and professional system
During reoperation, there may be limitations in collecting hair for retransplantation,
so the initial design should be made more carefully, and minimization of hair follicle damage should be considered.
For reoperation, it is very important to choose a hospital that specialized in hair transplantation.
Reoperation Target

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