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Mass hair loss transplant

Mass Hair Loss Treatment
"Unlike the hair follicle transplantation of normal incision, non-incision surgery,
transplant a large number of hair follicles over 7,000 hair.
Patients with a wide range of hair loss can experience many changes if they are implanted with more than 7000 hairs.
Because a large amount of hair is transplanted, a delicate and professional surgical plan is required."
Advantages of Mass Hair Loss treatment
DODREAM Hair Transplant Center's Mass Hair transplant is reasonable in price, and if hair loss is severe, staged surgery is performed from the 1st to the 3rd stage, but it can be done in one day, so it is less physically and mentally fatigued, and if you take care of your hair well after the surgery, abundant hair style is for you to enjoy.
Notes on mass hair transplantation
Mass hair transplants of more than 7,000 hair is not a simple surgical procedures to transplant large quantities. since a large area of ​​hair loss has to be transplanted with limited hair follicles, not only skilled surgical techniques but also surgical plans derived from experience are required .
Complete the optimal
hairline and style with limited hair
Depending on the hairstyle, it increases the density of the frontal and crown,
and allows you to create anoptimal forehead and style with limited hair.
We communicate enough with the patient to collect opinions and then proceed with the design.
Efficient use of hair follicles
in preparation for additional transplantation
In the case of large-scale hair transplantation, the incision and non-incision methods are mixed
according to the patient's scalp elasticity and hair condition,
and the hair follicles of the occipital donor are efficiently used in preparation for additional transplantation of the patient.

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