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Innovative DODREAM Hair Transplant system
Male Hair Removal
"Doodream Plastic Surgery's Petit Surgery is a natural procedure for patients who are burdened with having surgery. If you want to look good quickly or lessen the burden of having surgery, find confidence with DODREAM Plastic Surgery's Petit Surgery."
The importance of male epilation
Clean image formation by face hair removal
From dull skin to clear and transparent skin
Create baby face
Surgery time about
5~10 minutes
Anesthesia method
ointment, ice pack
inpatient treatment
Recovery Period
seam removal
Features of male hair removal
  • Quick treatment within 5-10 minutes
  • Almost no pain, no anesthesia required
  • Simple injection procedure reduces
    the burden on the procedure
  • One treatment lasts for 4-6 months
The need for male hair removal
Repeated shaving and hair removal can lead to skin problems and folliculitis. Because of this, there are many men who always suffer from red skin. Those who have aesthetic concerns due to excessive hair on not only the face but also various parts of the body can solve their concerns through laser hair removal.
You can choose a hair removal treatment method according to your own utility, and you can expect 50-80% hair removal effect with 3 to 5 treatments. Based on Dodream's own treatment know-how, hair removal is performed by varying the type and output of the laser according to the characteristics of men's hair with deep and thick hair roots.
Waxing / Self hair removal
Side effects such as skin tissue damage,
folliculitis, and pigmentation may occur.
Pain during hair removal
Hair grows again over time
Laser hair removal
Safe by selectively destroying only hair follicle tissue
No pain through anesthesia
Hair follicles are cleanly destroyed and no longer hair grow
The special feature of DODREAM mail hair removal
The most effective hair removal laser
Epilation can be performed more effectively and at a faster speed,and the hair removal procedure is performed safely and comfortably through device with less pain.
Economic hair removal program for each part
We have a variety of devices and economical hair removal programs suitable for each gender and part.
Various hair removal devices in conisderation of customer needs
Through a variety of hair removal devices, we provide treatment according to the needs of our customers
Medical orientation that values meticulous treatment and communication with customers
It is important that the medical staff perform the hair removal procedure carefully and communicate with the receipient. Feel it at DoDream.

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Name of medical institution: DODREAM Plastic Surgery Clinic | CEO: Lim Chan-soo | Business license number 220-09-77483
Address: Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Gangnam-daero 92 gil 13