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Semi-permanent hairline

Innovative DODREAM Hair Transplant System
Semi-permanent hairline
"Semi-permanent hairline correction makes it possible to have a pretty forehead and face reduction effect.
It looks like my hair has grown thick by touching each and every one like real hair."
Shape choice that fits your face
Since the treatment is performed by expressing the texture like a real hair in order to
naturally harmonize with the existing hair on areas such as M-shaped forehead,
unbalanced forehead, and scars of men and women,
it gives a beautiful forehead line and a lot of hair look.
M-shaped forhead
Uneven hair line
Customized disegn for me
It creates a custom design that checks the shape, muscle, and angle of the face in detail.
If you do a standardized design, it may become unnatural.
DODREAM Hair Transplant Center provides satisfactory treatments tailored to each individual.
Targets for hair transplant reoperation
  • 01

    Those who have uneven hairline or want to see the effect of reducing their face without surgery
  • 02

    Those who have an M-shaped (three-character) forehead or an angled forehead that looks wider
  • 03

    Those who want to cover areas where hair does not grow due to wounds or surgical scars
  • 04

    Those who have thin hair or appear sparsely empty hair
  • 05

    Those with partial hair loss due to stress after childbirth
  • 06

    In case of poor engraftment of primary transplanted hair
Scar scalp tattoo
Scar scalp tattoo is a method of covering scars with tattoos
using pigments of a color similar to the current hair color.
In the case of scars, unlike normal skin, a delicate tattoo
must be applied and a good effect can be achieved through a visual method.

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