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Incision hair transplant

Incision(FUT Hair Transplant)
"Incisional hair transplantation is a method of incising a certain part of the scalp
from the back of the head separating it into hair follicles, and then transplanting it.
It is also the most widely used method."
Incision Hair Transpantation
Minimize scarring of the occipital area.
The DODREAM Hair Transplant Center minimizes the scars from incisions, and scars are almost invisible with scar-minimizing sutures.
Scar minimization suture surgery method 1
Cut one end of the incision with an oblique line. Suture the incision surface of the back of the head alternately.
After the first suturing, the incision surface of the upper part is sutured with the other side.
The operation is completed by suturing the skin.
Scar minimization suture surgery method 2
It raises enough skin layer under the subcutaneous layer.We do not suture subcutaneously from the incision surface of the skin, but suture the subcutaneous from the distant area.
Complete the subcutaneous suture and perform subcutaneous suture among them. Elevation should be achieved only by suturing the subcutaneous tissue and the dermal layer.
The surgery is completed by meticulously suturing.
After surgery,the skin that has been elevated in the range of 1-3 monthsis settled by tension andis restored to its original state.
Incision hair transplant
Rather than transplanting a large number of wide areas, it is important to plant densely with individual customization .
Incisional hair transplantation can transplant a large amount of hair at one time, and the rate of engraftment of hair after transplantation is quite high.
Surgery time
Anesthesia Method
sleep/local anesthesia
Impatient treatment
Same-day discharge
Recovery Period
2~3 days
Seam removal
2 weeks later

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