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Innovative DODREAM Hair Transplant System
Eyebrow tattoo
"Everyone's face is different, so you need to judge your eyes, nose, mouth, hair tone, face shape,
and skin tone to express the texture as vividly as your eyebrows do."
Shape choice that fits your face
Face shape
Eye shape
Nose line
The width of the cheekbones
Color choice that suits me
Detailed choice for me
Angled Arch
In case you need semi-permanent eyebrows
If there is any awkwardness in the symmetry and alignment of the eyebrows, the impression of others may change.
DODREAM Hair Transplant Center provides a satisfactory treatment by collecting the concerns of the patient.
Semi-permanent eyebrow treatment process
  • Precautions
    before surgery

    You must make a reservation after consulting a design with a makeup expert. It is recommended that the eyebrows are not trimmed. It is recommended to visit the hospital after preserving the existing eyebrows as much as possible. It is recommended to treat the rash after it has disappeared as it interferes with the procedure. Please let us know if there is anything else the practitioner needs to know
  • Precautions
    after surgery

    It is recommended to wash your face only with water on the day of the procedure. You can wash your face with soap and make-up except for the treatment area. Please allow dead skin cells to be removed naturally.
    (It takes at least 3 to 5 days to remove dead skin cells)
    At least 20-50% of the color may be pale after the first procedure.
    (Design and color security during the 2nd procedure)
    Retouch treatment is possible from 3 weeks after considering the skin regeneration period.

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Name of medical institution: DODREAM Plastic Surgery Clinic | CEO: Lim Chan-soo | Business license number 220-09-77483
Address: Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Gangnam-daero 92 gil 13