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Non-Incision Hairline Correction

Non-incisional hairline correction
"There are two types of hair transplants: incision and non-intersection.
Determining the TYPE is not a standard for transplanting separate hair follicles, but a method for collecting hair follicles. The difference in the collection method is divided into incision and non-intersection."
Non-incisionalhair transplant
It is carefully collected one by one
Using a customized punch blade that fits the size of the patient's hair follicle, the follicle tissue is carefully collected one by one.
Collect hair follicles
Using a customized punch pladethat fits the size of the patient's hair follicle, the follicle tissue is collected one by one
Scar minimization suture surgery method 2
Since it is collected in a wide area from the entire part, if the hair grows even after surgery, the collection area will not appear.
If the hair is collected intensively from one part, the area of the occipital region may appear empty.
Therefore, the entire density of the patient's occipital region is considered from the time of collection.
Collection of healthy and intact hair follicles
Through the hair transplant know-how, DODREAM collects the tissues around the hair follicles
together to keep them as healthy and fresh as possible before transplantation .

As a result, it can lead to a high engraftment rate because it is transplanted
into hair follicles that are prone to drying and can be damaged.
The tissue around the hair follicle is poor
and the possibility of damage is high.
Through deep punch,
the tissue around the hair follicles
is enriched and hardly damaged
Non-incisional hair transplant
Rather than transplanting a large range, it is important to plant it densely with individual customization.
Non-incisional hair transplantation can prevent partial loss of hair density, leaving almost no marks,
making it possible to return to your daily routine quickly and without smudges.
Surgery time
20~30 minutes
Anesthesia method
sleep/local anesthesia
Impatient treatment
Same-day discharge
Recovery period
2-3 days
Seam removal
3 days (melting thread is also possible)

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